Together into the digital future – DerStandard 25.03.2021

Together into the digital future

“Wherever you currently stand, we will pick you up there and guide you into your digital future. Successfully implemented digitalization projects are our contribution to digital transformation.”

The experts at Digital Enabler GmbH are shaping the digital future together with their customers. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, economically successful digital products, systems and business models are developed hand in hand with the customer. Successfully implemented digitalization and development projects with a focus on IoT (Internet of Things) are their contribution to the digital transformation.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the digital enablers act as general contractors from brainstorming to support. Of course, they also advise on specific digitalization issues with relevant expertise and implement the solutions designed in this way.

The requirements of digital transformation already determine business success to a large extent. Products, services and processes, even in traditional industry, are increasingly being shaped by digital technologies and applications. The service portfolio of Digital Enabler includes both product development and multi-layered consulting for successful digitalization initiatives.

Together with the customer, strategies are developed and defined as to what the digital future of the company should look like. The initial focus here is not on technical digitalization, but always on digital value creation, because only this ensures competitiveness and future viability.

For some years now, construction machinery, construction processes and construction sites have been increasingly digitalized, which is known by the buzzwords Industry 4.0 or Digital Construction Site. A Digital Enabler project with the world market leader for cold asphalt milling machines shows how this can look in reality. In order to maintain one’s position on the market, it is no longer enough in the 21st century to simply manufacture high-quality machines.

Increasing demands on job site documentation require seamless, digitalized workflows right through to job site accounting. Digital Enabler has developed a comprehensive, digital system for this purpose with the world market leader for cold asphalt milling machines. “At the beginning of the cooperation, we jointly evaluated which strengths and competencies we could bring to the project ourselves and which we had to outsource. Our needs, but above all those of our customers, were immediately addressed. And most importantly, such professional cooperation is simply fun!” says the project manager of the world market leader for cold milling machines. Digital Enabler lived up to its name.

DerStandard – Zukunft, Arbeit & Wirtschaft on 25.03.2021