Kärcher Fleet

From the Green Field to a revenue generating business field with Kärcher Fleet

Problem to be solved:

Cleaning machines are expensive and powerful technologies, thus Building Service Contractors rely on large fleets of these machines to meet their efficiency and cost targets. Contracts in the cleaning business are price driven and usually renewed every year. Therefore, reliability, efficient operations, adequate use of proper machines in regard to the cleaning problem, traceable transparent cleaning operations and knowing the location of every machine are of utmost importance for the professional customers of Kärcher.


  • Cleaning machines, such as scrubber driers, sweepers, municipal implement carriers or vehicle wash systems for self brush or car brush
  • About 5.000 connected devices per year
(Source: Kärcher)


  • From the green field to market introduction: Complete Development of a competitive – and the first –  IoT-Solution in the cleaning industry
  • Time-to-market: From the scratch to a product within 9 months
  • Technology & Partner Selection: Development and execution of telematics hardware, machine integration, connectivity, middleware, cloud hosting and customer-designed frontend, based on a clear product vision and the results of a stakeholder analysis in a best-of-breed approach
  • Heterogeneity: Many different connected machines on the CPU-side incl. non-Kärcher machines
  • Indoor Localization: How to localize machines in buildings and what’s behind this stakeholder request
  • Freemium: Consulting in evaluation of business models incl. adaption of the IoT-Application on the Freemium Business Model


  • General Contractor and responsible for Application Lifecycle Management


To satisfy all stakeholder requests, the product “Kärcher Fleet” was developed – a Fleet Management solution for cleaning machines that uses global wireless connectivity and services (GRPS, GSM, Google Netlocate, Bluetooth) to manage and locate machines as well as provide strong customer benefits with a centralized view of the fleet, machine status and additional functionalities like equipment utilization optimization and notification opportunities. Kärcher Fleet is a role-based cloud solution to provide specific near-real-time views either for branch managers, facility managers or others and offers a bunch of reports about efficiency, cost and status.

Furthermore it supports Kärcher Service Managers on a view with relevant service information about all Kärcher machines in the field, to predictively care about their machines with the intention to increase uptime and decrease reaction time of the service department if a customer requests for it.

Dashboard of Applikation Kärcher Fleet (Source: Kärcher)

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